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(My Father La Promesa Corona Gorda)

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名称:My Father La Promesa Corona Gorda
型号:Corona Gorda
尺寸:5 1/2 x 48

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My Father La Promesa Corona Gorda is a cigar behind which is great meaning for Don Pepin Garcia. Literally translated as “The Promise,” La Promesa stands as a testament of the promise he made to his family upon leaving his native Cuba. This promise was simple, yet would prove to be a lifelong undertaking: “To prove himself and to make something of himself in the cigar world outside of Cuba.” Decades later, My Father Cigars is among the most dominant names in the business, with farms in Nicaragua and factories both in Nicaragua and Miami, not to mention numerous Cigar Of The Year awards to boot. It’s safe to say Don Pepin kept that promise, and is now commemorating and celebrating with La Promesa. Made in Don Pepin’s state-of-the-art My Father factory in Nicaragua, La Promesa consists of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos grown on the Garcia family’s very own farms. The wrapper is Ecuador Habano Rosado Oscuro, tying the package together and adding richness and complexity. Sounds “promising,” doesn’t it?

Reddish hued, oily, and appearing to be completely seamless, the ultra premium wrapper leaf is quite a sight to behold. It contrasts beautifully with the classic My Father band, and in this case the green and blue secondary band which boldly proclaims “La Promesa.” An expert roll leads to an amazing draw, highly productive of billowing clouds of dense, white smoke. To start, the trademark “Pepin Pepper” is definitely there to make an appearance. This blast of spicy Nicaraguan goodness is followed by creamy raw tobacco and cinnamon, with cedar and brown sugar on the finish. Bold and complex, La Promesa has quite enough kick to be satisfying, but is much tamer than some of Don Pepin’s previous offerings. Just shy of full-bodied, La Promesa was obviously blended with true aficionados in mind. The 5 ½” x 48 Corona Gorda is the best way to become acquainted with the blend, utilizing a smaller ring gauge and allowing just enough time to fall in love with the rich flavor.

Whether a seasoned connoisseur or a die hard Don Pepin fanatic, La Promesa is the cigar for you. Medium-full-bodied, complex, and satisfying, the depth of the flavor profile is indubitably Pepin-style. La Promesa pairs well with bourbon, port wine, and sweeter dark beer, and is similar in stature to such other phenomenal My Father masterpieces as La Opulencia and Flor De Las Antillas Maduro. Jose Don Pepin Garcia is one of the most well known, beloved, and talked about cigar makers on the planet. His promise to become great has not only been fulfilled, but surpassed. Experience the greatness of Don Pepin Garcia and be a part of that promise with La Promesa Corona Gorda by My Father Cigars.