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  • 帕德龙 1964-彪丽高(Padron 1964 Belicoso)
  • 帕德龙 1964-彪丽高(Padron 1964 Belicoso)
  • 帕德龙 1964-彪丽高(Padron 1964 Belicoso)

帕德龙 1964-彪丽高(Padron 1964 Belicoso)

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名称:Padron 1964 Belicoso
尺寸:5 x 52

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The Padron 1964 Anniversary cigar was introduced in 1994 as a way of commemorating the brand's 30th year in business. Today, it remains at the top of the Nicaraguan cigar category as an affordable ultra-premium for the most discriminating connoisseurs. The Padron 1964 Anniversary Belicoso is masterfully constructed using sun-grown Nicaraguan habano tobacco that undergoes aging for no less than 4 years, making this selection not only very full-bodied, but ultra-smooth.


There is never a shortage of smoke when it comes to Padron cigars. 1964 Anniversary Belicoso keeps with this trend by delivering copious amounts of heavy white smoke that indulges the palate with complex flavors of white pepper and cedar. Earthy richness surrounds a bouquet of cinnamon, tobacco, and light floral nuances while bombarding the taste buds with powerful Nicaraguan spice. 1964 Anniversary is basically a Padron original series on steroids.

While not for unseasoned palates, 1964 Anniversary Belicoso at 5” x 52 is an easy gateway into the realm of world-class premium cigars. Bold, complex, and very well-balanced, it pairs well with bourbon or scotch and makes a fantastic celebratory stick. 1964 Anniversary can be compared to The Padron original line and its renowned cousin, Padron 1926. Whether celebrating a life event or even just the end of a busy work week, Padron 1964 Anniversary Belicoso always fits the bill.