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  • 砖瓦房 公牛(Brick House Toro)
  • 砖瓦房 公牛(Brick House Toro)
  • 砖瓦房 公牛(Brick House Toro)
  • 砖瓦房 公牛(Brick House Toro)
  • 砖瓦房 公牛(Brick House Toro)

砖瓦房 公牛(Brick House Toro)

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名称:Brick House Toro
尺寸:6 x 52

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The Brick House Toro cigar is made by the J.C. Newman Cigar Company. The J.C. Newman Cigar Company has been in business since 1895 and stills rolls some of their cigars in Tampa, FL. Others are rolled by the Fuente Family in the Dominican Republic. However, these Brick House cigars are $5ish Nicaraguan puros rolled at the small and not well known Fabrica de Tobacos San Rafael in Esteli, Nicaragua.


The Nicaraguan Havana wrapper has many small thin veins and the wrapper is slightly oily. The smell from the foot is a rather sweet one reminiscent of molasses. As you smoke the Brick House, there is a peppery note to it that emerges and stays with the 1st third or so and then fades away into woodsy, creamy flavors that are hard to place before the sweetness, mocha, dirt, and that peppery spice return for the 2nd and final thirds.


The draw on this cigar was fantastic and despite multiple threats of needing to relight it worked it's way out and never needed one. The ash held on for about 1/3 of the cigar each time but really, who wants to end up with ash all over themselves trying to wait it out? The Brick House also produced a fair amount of smoke.


All in all, a great stick to be had in the $5 range. With tobacco taxes continuing to rise this Brick House is one quality stick available at a price most can still afford.