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  • AVO 思想者-旋律(公牛)(AVO Syncro Ritmo Special Toro)
  • AVO 思想者-旋律(公牛)(AVO Syncro Ritmo Special Toro)
  • AVO 思想者-旋律(公牛)(AVO Syncro Ritmo Special Toro)

AVO 思想者-旋律(公牛)(AVO Syncro Ritmo Special Toro)

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名称:AVO Syncro Ritmo Special Toro
尺寸:6 x 60

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The previous AVO Syncro releases have taken the cigar world by storm, but the hat trick of the line, the AVO Syncro Ritmo Special Toro, is in a whole new world of unique experience. AVO has always been synonymous with the best tobaccos, and the finest crafted smokes money can buy, but the various Syncro releases prove the company is not willing to rest on its laurels. If nothing else, the Ritmo is evidence of a forward-thinking and adventurous spirit at the AVO. How else to explain a blend of tobaccos from seven different South of the Border countries, all selected for their unique qualities. A hearty portion of Brazilian filler is added to the recipe also containing longleaf from Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. The Mexican binder and an Ecuadorian wrapper complete the roster.


It should be obvious that a blend of such diverse tobaccos as those found in the AVO Syncro Ritmo Special Toro would be complex, but it requires an adventurous spirit to prove the inevitable. Once the aficionado inhales deeply of the cedar-scented wrapper lying comfortably beneath the blue, gray, and silver band, their mouth will begin to water and the tongue to anticipate the rush of black pepper and toasted almond present in the first few slow draws. The sweet spot offers a touch of heat to compliment the dark chocolate, exotic spice, roasted coffee bean, and earth. These flavors only intensify and meld as the cigar marches towards the inevitable conclusion, but there is plenty of time to savor each succulent drop of smoke.


AVO cigars used to occupy a rarefied place in the cigar world accessible only by the fortunate few, but the last few years have seen a number of releases aimed at the more casual smoker. The AVO Syncro Ritmo Special Toro is yet another example of the broadening appeal to the masses of high-value, high-quality smokes. It is a trend we will be happy to see continue.


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