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  • 庇护所 13-60x6(Asylum 13 60x6)
  • 庇护所 13-60x6(Asylum 13 60x6)
  • 庇护所 13-60x6(Asylum 13 60x6)

庇护所 13-60x6(Asylum 13 60x6)

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名称:Asylum 13 60x6
尺寸:6 x 60

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Christian Eiroa has long been driving people mad with his amazing full bodied cigars. Asylum 13 6 x 60 is just another cigar that is going to make people insane. If you love huge ring-gauge cigars that are bursting with flavor, this is the stick you have been searching for. A Nicaraguan puro, Asylum 13 is made with only the finest of Nicaraguan tobacco which is aged to perfection.

Asylum 13 is an amazing and complex full-bodied cigar. From the get-go you are hit with spice and leather that quickly gets your mouth watering. As you smoke this down, more flavors of sweetness and dark cocoa are introduced and seem to alternate with the leather you initially tasted. Each puff is an adventure and is sure to make you crazy thinking which notes you will get next.

Asylum 13 is just another premium cigar in a long line of great sticks by Christian Eiroa. While this cigar is full-bodied, the monstrous sizes are the first thing you will notice. This is the smallest of the Asylum 13 but at 6 x 60  you still need to make sure you have enough time to enjoy every bit, or you may go a little mad trying.